Monday, 14 November 2011

Autumn Sacrifice by Bronwyn Green

When Brenna Alten returns home to attend her cousin’s wedding, she expects to reconnect with friends and family. She doesn’t anticipate hooking up with her adolescent crush Caleb Mahingan or his brothers. Despite a night of sizzling hot sex, Brenna believes this can’t turn into more, but Caleb has other plans for her. As Alpha of his small pack, he knows she's his mate and he doesn't intend to give her up without a fight.

Autumn Sacrifice is a quick and sexy read that has some really good ménage and more scenes. Brenna is strong and in love with Caleb, who is also Alpha within his small pack. I thought it was touching to see Caleb stick up for Brenna against her father and her fight to have what she loved. Brenna loved Caleb but she believed he didn’t love her and was only doing it for her father.

Caleb is possessive and I love his possessive side coming through as I felt Brenna needed the man to stand up and say, no I love you because I do.

“Hey, brat.”

A warm body slid onto the hard, wooden pew next to Brenna Alten. She inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the sharp smell of autumn leaves and the spicy musk of warm man. Caleb Mahingan. She’d recognize that voice and scent anywhere, and they still sent desire fluttering through her middle. So much for outgrowing that particular reaction. She hadn’t seen him in nearly three years, but apparently, the sound of his deep, gravelly voice and masculine rumble still caused a screaming case of insta-lust. In church, no less.

He pulled her into his embrace, tugging her firmly against his chest. She wrapped her arms around him, returning his hug.

“Hey,” she said, pulling back slightly. Not the brightest of replies, but really, it was all she could come up with when she looked at him. She wasn’t sure it was possible, but he was even more gorgeous than she’d remembered. Keeping up with him via email and phone calls hadn’t prepared her at all to see him in person again.

A fun and perfect quick read anytime of the day. I’ve just found out it was part of a series but I found it easy to read as a standalone.

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