Monday, 14 November 2011

Carrie's Answer by Sierra Summers & VJ Summers

One weekend. That’s all Marcus Worthington asks of his assistant Carrie Anderson when she resigns. One weekend to teach her the pleasures of dominance and submission, to satisfy his never-ending craving for her and to get her out of his system. Then he’ll let her go.

Two days. That’s all Marcus has promised Carrie. But as he pushes her past the limits of pleasure and satisfies her darkest desires, she knows two days will never be enough.

Wow, Carrie’s Answer is perfect for anyone who is just starting out in the BDSM erotic romance style books. I loved the characters of Marcus and Carrie and felt the plot was perfect for them. Sierra and VJ really manage to get across the vulnerability within Marcus from sharing Carrie with his friend and then when he believes she has left him. I like that at any moment within BDSM the submissive really has the power, and in this book it really does show. I loved everything about this book—it was hot and explicit and never left out the emotion. Excellent.

The whole book, but:

Marcus smiled. He’d always been attracted to her, even before the divorce, but he wasn’t a cheat. He also had his own strict code about getting involved with employees. That belief had prevented him from acting on his impulses more than once where Carrie was concerned.

Finding her at Velvet Ice last Saturday had only made his fantasies that much hotter. Every night and a good part of every day since their confrontation at the back of the building, Marcus dreamed of following through on what he’d inadvertently triggered.
The absolute craving to have her, his way.

An excellent introduction to BDSM books as it contains elements within a world with different stages and includes a beautiful romance around it.

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VJ Summers said...

Thanks so much, Miz Love! We hope you'll have equal love for the sequels, Meredith's Awakening (early 2012) and Daniel's Surrender.


VJ & Sierra