Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Innocent Corruption by Larissa Lyons

She’s every woman who’s ever yearned to explore her sexuality. Raised and married conservative, now recently divorced, she longs for something other than what she’s experienced in the bedroom to date--missionary and mundane.

So she’ll take a walk on the wild side of sin tonight… A walk into a club known for its sexual exploits. A walk straight into the arms of the most dangerously exciting man she’s ever met--before she even knows his name.

It promises to be the most thrilling night of her life. If she’s daring enough to see it through.

*MAD*WARNING* If you like your encounters hot an’ against the wall and without unnecessary foreplay (Names? Who needs ’em?) this story’s for you. Mature audiences only!

A great little read--and it is little. That doesn't mean it isn't long enough to be satisfying, though. This bundle of hotness is very much on my favourite book list due to the fact the heroine gets to do exactly as she pleases, having sex because she feels like it, consequences and the opinions of others be damned. "You go for it, girl!" and a loud bout of clapping springs to mind with this book.

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