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Interview - Brita Addams


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Welccome to Miz Love, Brita! What do you like best about writing?
Brita Addams: The creativity it takes to bring a character to life is truly like giving birth. The payoff is extraordinary. The best thing – when they're written, they're written and you don't have to feed them, water them or put up with their nonsense.
Seriously, I love creating stories that people want to read and that they enjoy. When they take the time to write to me and tell me how the story affected them, that truly makes my day.

How does writing make you feel?
Writing is what I was meant to do at this stage in my life. I've raised my family and fulfilled all commensurate obligations therein and now is my time to do something I've wanted to do all my life. It feels great and I hope I never lose the urge to push forward and test myself in writing.

When did you start writing?
I've written in one form or another for most of my life, but writing with the intent of pursuing publication happened about three years ago.

Are you a plotter, or do you fly by the seat of your pants?
I plot initially, to get the story going and have a general idea where I want it to do. Many times, I have a last line, which I keep at the bottom of the page. Most often, I use the title in that last line or something that refers to meaning of the title.
After the general plot points have been settled and I actually start writing, the story invariably takes on a life of its own and is then character-driven. I'm a firm believer in following my characters and they haven't steered me wrong yet.

Do you like edits?
I'm human, so the answer to that question is no. But, I'll tell you how I deal with them and how things have changed because of Riptide Publishing.
I try very hard not to marry myself to phrases or passages even, because everything can be subject to change. If you have an editor who is kind, but firm, explains why something doesn't work, suggests ways around it, and throws in some praise for something well done, I can deal with anything they throw at me.
Superiority and insults only raise my hackles and make me determined to defeat the evil that is that editor. There isn't any reason for meanness, we're all adults. I've had some editors that didn't understand historicals, which is frustrating to say the least. They wanted to change wording to sound modern, which to me equates to dressing up a pig and calling it human. One such person actually wanted me to phrase a line thusly: "Hey, babe, how you doing?" Doesn't that just sound so early 1800's? In England? Coming from nobility? My line was something like, "Good morning, madam, and how might you be today?" Clearly the editor didn't have a clue or was stuck in contemporary mode.
I ended up pulling the book away from the publisher. My incredulity still hasn't allowed me to revisit the manuscript and send it off to another publisher.
You can have editors that are wonderfully sweet, but have serious author awe, which results in ineffective edits that amount to little more than comma policing. Those help no one and teach the author nothing that will improve their craft.
If you had an ideal writing space, what would it be like?
I have my ideal writing space. I have monopolized two-thirds of the sofa, an end table and more than half the back of the sofa as my writing space and heaven help anyone who disturbs my area. Plot cards are neatly bunched in fasteners, I have highlighters and gel pens at the ready and my laptop is in place for many hours a day as I bring my characters to life and create the world in which they live.
I write in silence, no music and definitely no television. I watch soap operas for my entire adult life and a good share of my childhood when I watched with my mother and three years ago, I kicked the habit. I was also a news junkie, which was something more easily discarded. Now, the television doesn't come on until dinnertime, when my husband and daughter come into the living room so we can start our evening.

Have you ever co-authored? If not, would you ever consider it?
I've started a book with another author and I do look forward continuing, hopefully after the new year.

What's your fave genre?
I love historicals, hands down my favorite. I love to read them, particularly if they are gay fiction. I'm almost exclusively reading m/m these days, but that doesn't eliminate a good het if I come across one.
love to try but haven't had a chance to tackle?

Are there any genres you'd 
A big step for me this year was to write a contemporary, actually two, that's the Freedom in His Arms series, Free Me and In His Arms. I loved the experience and have written several more. I have a Civil War story in mind, but I think I'm into the romance realm and I'll stay there.

What's your fave writing accompaniment? Tea? Coffee? Large slab of chocolate cake with pretty sprinkles?
I drink one cup of coffee a day and I have a little warming element on the table beside where I work. Sometimes I'll have that one cup for six hours. Other than that, I have to have complete silence, no music, no television. It's better for my concentration.

If you could go anywhere in the world, money no object, where would you go, who with, and why?
I would go to England and spend as much time as I wanted. I've been to Scotland, but I was much younger and had a child who kept me from sightseeing as I wanted to.
Why? I've always had a love for any British, which is probably why I base most of my stories in England.
With who? Easy. The love of my life, my husband. I've never traveled anywhere without him. It just wouldn't be the same.
Before I leave your lovely blog, I'd like to share an excerpt of my new Riptide release, Romeo Club #1: Surprises:
How often do you like to fuck?
Not “have intercourse” or “make love,” but “fuck,” written out right on the application. Damn! I hadn’t expected such personal questions, but after a few moments of thought, “No limit” seemed as good an answer as any.
“What is your favorite position?” Oh, the possibilities.

“Bent over a sofa, chair, table?” All of the above, giving or receiving.

“On all fours on a bed or the floor?” Right you are.

“Standing against the wall?” Definitely has merit.

“Do you suck cock regularly, or do you prefer to be sucked? Do you swallow?” I should have seen that one coming.

“Dildo preference—glass or flexible?” I’d never thought about it, but the question gave me ideas.
“Butt plugs?” Damn, did other people use those things? I squirmed, thinking a smaller one might have been in order for this excursion.

A whole section entitled “Probing Your Fantasies.” “Are you into cowboys, pirates, millionaires, policemen, doctors? Kidnap, rape, ménage? Explain your desires in detail.” I took the expeditious route and wrote, “Yes to all the above.” Why limit my options?
“Are you willing to put yourself in our hands?”
Now, that was a loaded question. The devil in me wanted to write, “Hell, yeah,” while the commodities trader wrote a more dignified, “Yes.”
Only one section left: “The Usual Stuff,” mercifully mundane after an hour’s worth of divulging everything there was to know about my sex life, real or imagined. Name, address, phone number. Then, bam, “Do you consider yourself handsome?”

Now, what’s a guy supposed to do with that? It’s one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t questions. If I said “Fuck yeah,” I’d come off as arrogant. If I said “No,” I’d sound like someone desperate enough to live in his mother’s basement. But then, I was filling out an application for a freaking dating service. Wasn’t that desperate by definition? Oh, hell, just leave it blank.
I checked over the tome to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything, lest a fantasy be left undiscovered. My libido had kicked up several notches this past hour and the black and white photos on the walls did nothing to tame it. Damn, if this was a sample of what Romeo’s offered, I was glad I’d taken the afternoon off.
The adorable blond behind the desk looked up and smiled when I stood. Good Lord Almighty, they didn’t grow guys like that back in Kansas.
Blondie came around the desk, his slim hips working overtime. His body was built to my personal specifications. The fact he’d wrapped it in skin-tight jeans and a royal blue shirt was the cherry on top of the cake. Oh, my unruly cock, be still, boy.

I glanced at the black engraved desk plate: Aaron. He checked over my application with pursed lips and an exaggerated hand to the hip “Have you answered every question? It’svery important that you answer all of them.”

Hmm, what was he, the damn question police? “I believe I did, yes.”
“We’ll just have a peek, shall we?”
He grasped the clipboard with both hands and studied it, save for an occasional smirk or eyebrow waggle in my direction.
Ooh,” he said with a giggle. Though curious, I was too chicken to ask what part he’d read.
He flipped through the last couple of pages, then settled a hand over the first page. “You have unique tastes,” he said. The sparkle in his eyes was unmistakable. “I believe Blake would be interested in talking to you. If you’ll come this way, I’ll take you to him.”
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Bookishly Awesome said...

Ah, Scotland. It is beautiful.

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Brita Addams said...

That it is. One day I hope to do a tour of England and Scotland (again). Missed England the first time.

booklover0226 said...

I enjoyed both the interview and the excerpt. Both were great reads.

Tracey D
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Sarah said...

It you do come to England don't forget the north Yorkshire has some beautiful scenery

I thought I was the only one who could sit hours with one cup off coffee... Truth be told I like it cold

Great interview

Sarah S


joder said...

Great interview. I too would LOVE to go to England and Scotland! All my historical romances have made me become obsessed with that area....and those sexily accented men.

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Bookwyrm369 said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing :-) I'm really looking forward to reading Surprises.

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Brita Addams said...

Thanks all for coming by. Sarah, I most certainly visit Yorkshire.

Hope you all enjoy Romeo Club. They are great fun to write for sure.

Joanne said...

great interview. Can't wait to read the Romeo Club books.

e.balinski(at)att(dot)net said...

Seriously wow on that editor. Really?? I cannot even fathom such.

I got to visit England once, but the trip was only a few days and I didn't get to sightsee at all. I want to go back sometime, and I definitely need to hit Ireland and Scotland when I do! =) said...

Seriously wow on that editor. Really?? I cannot even fathom such.

I got to visit England once, but the trip was only a few days and I didn't get to sightsee at all. I want to go back sometime, and I definitely need to hit Ireland and Scotland when I do! =)

dfg said...
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-Maria- said...

I would like to go to England and Scottland, someday...

I'm looking forward to reading Surprises.