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Interview - Bryl R. Tyne


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Welcome to Miz Love, my dear!
What do you like best about writing?
This attention whore loves feedback. Period. End.
How does writing make you feel?
Wow. You would ask a tough one… Feel… I think I enjoy knowing when my writing has touched people, moved them emotionally or to think. To know I've entertained them is a thrill. Other than that, all I feel as I write is frustration that my fingers can't keep up with the onslaught of ideas from my brain.
When did you start writing?
Realized writing came natural for me when I was 14, but I didn't put my abilities to use with intention to publish until I was 42, a little over three years ago.
Are you a plotter, or do you fly by the seat of your pants?
The seat of my pants is definitely NOT for writing.
Do you like edits?
I enjoy edits that make sense. Best way to illustrate that would be to tell you what I don't like. I abhor edits that consist of nothing but questions… Don't try and make me realize or think what I did wrong, just show me. My brain is tired from constant writing/editing/working/family/pets/more writing… please, for the love of all that is holy, just mark it up as you see fit and ship it to me. Nine chances out of ten, I'll approve everything, and I'll actually learn from your keen example. Making me think is not going to teach me a damned thing. Logically, considering I'm a perfectionist, if I already got it wrong the first time through, what makes you think I'll get it right without any input from someone better trained and smarter than I am?
If you had an ideal writing space, what would it be like?
I have a couple spots already that are absolute musts for me to accomplish anything. First, is my study. My desk is boxed in against a wall, surrounded by file cabinets and bookshelves to the point I cannot see anything of the world save the window at my back. My second place is my screened in tent out in my woods, where I have a table, chair, extension cord, fan, and first-class service when it comes to drink refills just a few hundred feet away.
Have you ever co-authored? If not, would you ever consider it?
I've attempted to a couple times. First time was a flop. The author and I did not see eye to eye on many matters in RL, which bled over into the writing, so I called it off. My last attempt is only on hold while I clean off my plate (clear all these WIPs from my desktop). Author Brita Addams and I are co-writing a neo-noirish private detective series.
What's your fave genre?
Probably Mystery/Suspense, though I love a kickass Action/Adventure or Western.
Are there any genres you'd love to try but haven't had a chance to tackle?
As of right now, I've attempted quite a few. I think I'll work on perfecting one or two before taking on any others.
What's your fave writing accompaniment? Tea? Coffee? Large slab of chocolate cake with pretty sprinkles?
Energy drink. Dental floss. Excedrin Tension Headache.
If you could go anywhere in the world, money no object, where would you go, who with, and why?
Someplace solitary, peaceful. Doesn't matter where, but I'd go alone. If that meant sitting in an igloo, surrounded by white, with little sound but the wind and no one to talk to but my dog sled team, then so be it. Why? Every now and then, I need to recharge. Being around people is not going to do it for me. First thing I'd do is take interest, then watch, and most likely try to strike up a conversation, and by the time I’m finished "resting," I'd find my brain is just as tired. I need less input for my mind to slow down.
Here's the blurb from my Riptide Publishing release, Divinity:
Martin Hayes has found the perfect job for a 200-year-old vampire. As the late-shift security guard for Spire, he works and hunts by night and sleeps by day, hidden away in the unused cellar. Life is all so easy—nights bleeding away, weeks and months passing . . . until a new janitor disturbs the peace. Martin finds himself obsessed with memories (or are they?) of red hair, freckled skin, and men on their knees.
Dylan Mesmer isn’t just a hot, freckled, red-haired janitor. He’s altogether too composed around Martin and never surprised by Martin’s supernatural abilities. In fact, he seems to have a few of his own. And why does he keep feeding Martin orange lollipops?
A healthy vampire has no use for candy, yet Martin cannot resist the lure. He’s being baited and knows it, but for what end? And what about those visions that assail him whenever he thinks of Dylan? Their story is centuries old, but this time around, Dylan’s playing for nothing less than immortality. Eternal life—and eternal love—is within his reach, but can he convince Martin to change his ways and commit? If not, he’ll remain trapped in time beside his lover, always together but forever apart.
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