Friday, 4 November 2011

Love By Design by Fiona McGier

Greg and Rosa once had a love they thought would last forever…until her family interfered. When fate reunites them, they both insist that it’s “just business”. Is it? Or will their long-denied feelings reclaim them both?

Love by Design is the third book involving the Reye’s family and is about the romance between Greg and Rosa. We met Rosa in book one and I hadn’t given her much thought until now, but Fiona McGier fills in all the blanks with this tasty piece. Completely back on form and perfect from start to finish. This book had me wanting to laugh and scream. A scene with Greg’s ex-wife is so utterly frustrating, but the way it is rectified was pure class.

The whole book was perfect for me.

Fiona McGier delivers a wonderful, top-notch story that is brilliant as part of this on-going family series. Looking forward to the next one. Excellent.

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