Monday, 21 November 2011

Loving the Beast by Naima Simone

Gwendolyn Sinclair needs help. And the one person who can give her the aid she urgently requires is exacting a high price.

Desperate to keep the neighborhood community center open, Gwendolyn seeks out Xavier St. James, her childhood friend and the brother of her dead fiance. Xavier’s family foundation possesses the funds necessary to keep the center open, but instead he offers a bargain—a devil’s bargain: submit her body for his pleasure for seven days, and the building doesn’t close its doors.

Left scarred from an accident, Xavier is bitter, resentful, and alone. When Gwendolyn reappears in his life, need and loneliness override conscience, and he proposes an arrangement she can’t afford to refuse. With the woman he has always wanted but could never have finally in his bed, he hungers for more. Her heart. But could she come to love a beast?

I adore stories of beasts and beauties—I can’t resist them no matter what—and Loving the Beast does not disappoint. Gwendolyn and Xavier are wonderful, and Xavier, considering he was the beast on the outside, you could clearly see how much he cared for Gwen. I think it is what makes Loving the Beast so good, it is temptingly erotic but beautifully written to make the romance believable between these two characters.

"What are you willing to do to save the center, Gwendolyn?"
Unexpected, the question surprised her into speechlessness. She had the vague impression of a cat batting its paw at a mouse, toying with it, and she was the unlucky rodent. Unsure of how to respond to the ambiguous inquiry, she stuttered a reply: "I-I don’t know what you mean."

"You," he stated. "You spend seven days and nights with me, in my bed." His lashes lowered, and he stared down at her from a hooded gaze that promised sex and sin. The timbre of his voice deepened, conjuring images of dark, hot nights and naughty acts she read about, dreamed about -- touched herself to. "In other words, Gwendolyn, give me your body for the next week, and your precious community center remains open."

An excellent story that will leave you feeling happy you stopped to read and enjoy.

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