Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Man’s Desire by Kathryn Anne Dubois

New Orleans, 1798
Ethan Peron requires only his pleasures - drink, women, cigars, and gambling - to keep him content. When Ethan arranges his younger brother's marriage, he is disturbed to find himself increasingly attracted to Kathleen Gallagher, his new sister-in-law...

Wow. This book is so unpredictable at every turn. I didn’t know what to expect based on the blurb, but let me tell you, if you haven’t read this story, yes, do! Ethan is one of those characters you really want to hate with how he breezes onto the page, seduces the young Kathleen and then seems to move on. But as the story progresses you and Kathleen will fall completely in love with this man and at the end of the story you will all understand why.

Ethan Peron never squandered his pleasures.
The conviction rose from childhood poverty and a cynical adult’s certainty of the shifting fortunes of men. Over the years he had developed an order, a precise routine in the manner in which he savored his sensual delights, a routine from which he rarely wavered and which bespoke admirable control.

Ethan Peron…was bored.

You must pick up this book. A fantastic story with memorable characters and just simply wonderful.

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