Monday, 21 November 2011

The Soldier and the State Trooper by Cherie Noel

Career soldier Christie Collins figured out early that love could be lost in the blink of an eye, leaving an empty place that was just another pothole on life's rocky road. The detours of sudden single fatherhood and a nosy best friend who won't let even death stop her from interfering in every date leave Christie convinced that finding a partner is next to impossible.

State Trooper Robert Lindstrom catches Christie speeding along the stretch of highway he patrols and a routine traffic stop turns into love lights flashing and instant attraction for these two men in uniform. It looks like smooth sailing to their happily ever after until an unexpected deployment sends Christie into danger. Can their love survive both bombs and the betrayal of Christie by his closest comrade?

“Christ on a Cracker!” this is a good book. A great length that really allows you to get into the heads of the characters, full of romance and passion, with the added addition of the sexiness of men in uniform, a little paranormal and a smattering of jealousy.

Christie is a soldier, but no ordinary soldier. He’s also a single father and hears the dead mother of his child talking to him, but not in a creepy way; she’s kind of like his guardian angel, she knows him well and wants happiness for him and their child. I liked how he accepted this development in his life, and how he used it to his emotional advantage rather than running scared. I also liked that he was sensitive, not the most butch guy in the world, but never-the-less one hell of a soldier.

Robert, the state trooper, however, is bigger, tougher; he knows what he wants. But that doesn’t stop him being vulnerable when it comes to Christie, who steals his heart and twists his emotions. I adored the build-up of their romance. How they first dated, tiptoeing around one another, sounding the other out. It was very realistic and nicely portrayed. I was so willing them to get together.

Because of the book’s length this is not just a story about the first flush of love, it goes much deeper and into their future once they are a couple. Addressing the issues of being gay in the army and deployment to a war zone – balancing both points of view, the person away at war and those left behind. This was one of the parts of the book where I really felt my heart strings tug.

“He couldn’t believe they’d finally passed the LGBT Civil Rights Amendment. It tickled him no end to know he now had as much right as anyone else to marry in the country that he spent every day keeping safe.”

“But he had a ring though...divorced? Widowed? Sweet Goodness, Robert hoped he was at least a little bent. It would be a waste if that man was completely straight.”

The first date! – Phew!

“His sleek chest and gorgeous taut abs had Robert’s ribbon quickly acting as a very real cock ring.” – Mmm, what a present!

Nicely written, great characters with depth that are easy to invest in and some smokin’-hot man-love scenes. A novel that will be of interest/value to military personnel coping with similar issues and also a book to be enjoyed by many others for its romance and sexiness.

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