Monday, 21 November 2011

Un bel di vedremo by Syd McGinley

Tommy still misses Dr. Fell. In "un bel di vedremo", he tries to compensate for his own ownerless state by pushing Rinnie and Dr. Pol Rønne to deal with their inevitable separation. To crown all Tommy's worries, he's preparing for his senior show -- can his costume designs solve every one's problems?

25 pages of something totally different for me--a whole new world that was fascinating and strange, but in a good way. I enjoyed seeing things from a different perspective, which is why Un bel di vedremo is so engrossing. I enjoyed the journey, and the voice was unique for me too. The writing style combined with the described lifestyle gets top marks from me, as does bringing something new to my table, making me sit up and take notice.

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