Monday, 21 November 2011

Whiz Bang by Regina Carlysle

Hannah West needs some whiz bang, baby. And after attending a raucous sex-toys party with her best buds, the Sassy Seven, she aims to fulfill that urge. If it means hunting down a man or two to experiment with battery-operated pleasure, then so be it.

Tired of boring, ho-hum and downright pitiful, she plans her escape to an exotic and highly erotic locale. But nothing eases her desire for the one man she can never have, her off-limits best friend.

Hannah wants a little whiz bang? With a complete stranger? Or strangers? The thought makes Sean want to cuss. Oh hell no! He’s wanted sexy Hannah for years. No way is he letting some stranger put his hands on the lush brunette. If she wants excitement and plastic pleasure, he’ll deliver the goods…and more. On the bed, against the wall, in the shower. Sean aims to show Hannah that best friends can make the very best lovers.

Lotion that made a woman's clit sit up and sing. <-- How can you resist lines like that? Well, you don't have to resist any longer. Whiz Bang is filled with many such glorious sentences, all strung together into one delightful read that will make you nod if you've ever felt your sex life needed a kick up the backside so it returned to those heady days of a new relationship.

Rather drunk after a sex-toys party with her friends, Hannah realises she really wouldn't mind a loving relationship with all the bells and whistles. Enter Sean, a man she's had a thing for, but she's resisted doing anything about it because he's her friend. But a friend can also be your lover, right? Damn right! Hannah finds that out PDQ after speaking about sex with him on the phone. Their relationship soon changes from pals to partners, and you are in for the ride of your life with this little beauty of a book.

It's a HOT tale with sweetness, longing, desire, and too many other wonderful things to mention. Of course, it's by Regina Carlysle, so I wouldn't expect anything less. Race off and purchase. Go, go, go!

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