Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Better than Friends by Sean Michael

Blurb: Hank and Jason have been best friends since before Hank even came out of the closet. They're both busy, but they're each other's go-to guy when they need to unwind, and relax. At least, that's what they think.

When Hank finally fulfills a secret dream and rounds up the money to join the Hammer Club, the first person he meets is a sexy, slinky, bratty bottom named… Jason? They spend dinner together, trying to get a handle on this new view they now have of each other. Will their friendship be able to handle this sudden shift in their realities, or, even better, can these two best friends find a way to be better than friends?

Sean Michael never disappoints. In Better than Friends, Hank and Jason discover they can be more than just friends, without the awkwardness they may have previously thought there would be if they went one step further than just being buddies. Their “feeling one another out” is a joy to watch, each trying so hard to make things right so that the awkwardness doesn’t raise its ugly head. These two are sweet, and their love affair is moving, touching. Well written, Better than Friends is a book you can read in short time but which leaves you fulfilled and happy as though you’ve read something much longer.

Verdict: Awesome. These two men really slip under your skin so you’ll be thinking about them long after the story has finished.

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