Monday, 12 December 2011

Bone Idol by Paige Turner

Book one in the Past Perfect Series

Love stripped down to the bare bones.

1875. The Bone Wars. Dinosaur hunters will go to any lengths to make bigger, better discoveries—and to see their rivals broken.

Henry is a man of science—precise, proper and achingly correct. When Albert arrives in his life in a storm of boyish enthusiasm, he’s torn between his loyalty to science and a new and troubling desire.

Albert wants to protect his father, and fears Henry means to ruin his reputation in the bone-hunter world. Will he be ruled by his fear, or by his feelings?

As they hunt for dinosaurs and explore their desire together, Henry and Albert find themselves digging up some secrets that could threaten their love—and their lives.

Whoa! What an utterly fantastic book! I was gripped from start to finish. The descriptions are delicious—absolutely divine—from the characters to the terrible weather to the ocean and the Dorset area.

Henry and Albert are ADORABLE, a pair you won’t fail to love immensely. I fell in love with them more than a little bit and they snuggled into my heart from the get-go. They have obstacles to get over, trials to face, dilemmas to ponder, and together they succeed in what they set out to do.

There is a wonderful sense of “right and wrong” in Bone Idol, where the very real couple muddle through thoughts of which path is the right one to take. Both are pulled in directions they hadn’t thought they would go, and I appreciated the very human aspects in this book, things I could relate to myself.

I can’t choose ANY best bits. The whole book is one big ball of Best Bit!

Beautiful, engrossing, set in a time gone by where I was taken there immediately. Very well written, with a voice that captures with its ebbs and flows, its rhythms and pacing, and the utter professionalism that shines through with every word.

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