Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Centurion's Capture by Nadia Aidan

Blurb: From the time she knew desire, Olivia has wanted Claudius Ovidius, but the retired centurion has long vowed he would never have her—because she is too young and innocent to the ways of lovemaking. But Olivia is not a girl anymore, and while she may not be skilled in the ways of pleasing men, she knows of Claudius’ dark desires, and is certain she is up to the task of pleasing him.

Claudius vowed he would never touch Olivia, but the girl is making it damn hard. When he visits the decadent club known only as The Cave and spots Olivia there, he demands she leave, but she’s defiant, testing the last vestiges of his self-restraint.

On that night, there are no more excuses or denials standing between them. And soon Claudius and Olivia find themselves playing a dangerous game of seduction, one that spirals into a passionate affair, igniting desperate longings and dredging up a dark secret Claudius thought forever buried.

This is the third book in a series and I have to say after only reading this one it can be read as a standalone. Olivia and Claudius were wonderful characters and the chemistry was one of the hottest I’ve read. I love romances with older heroes and this is one of those romances.

Claudius is a Dominant who not only takes Olivia but he teaches and owns her with his body and later comes to realise with his heart. From the moment I picked up this book I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to see how far Olivia would push Claudius and how far he would willingly go. The intensity between them is believable and when they break up, I found it so sad. Nadia Aidan is a talented writer and one I’ll certainly be looking out for in the future.  

Best Bits: Olivia was a beguiling, enticing beauty, and as his gaze slipped through the chambers, every single woman in the space paled in comparison to her. He frowned.

All except one.

Desire thickened the blood pumping, pulsing through his veins, and Claudius squinted against the harshness of the darkness as he crept closer to the woman who now claimed his attention. Maybe it was a shadow of his imagination, another tempting vision come to haunt him.

Maybe. But Claudius doubted, however, for the heat flaring in his gut could only be ignited by one.

Her face was hidden behind a golden mask, the lush, winding curves of her body were not, however. She was draped in a shimmering stola, which appeared golden in the light, the translucent material revealed every sensuous, decadent curve of her womanly figure.

Though her face was obscured, Claudius knew the woman who stood before him, wandering through the halls of this forbidden place—a place that should have been forbidden to her, for she did not belong. His gaze flickered about the narrow corridor and his expression hardened upon glimpsing the lustful attentions of the men who watched her pass, their covetous eyes openly revealing the desires of their bodies.


Verdict: A brilliant story. 

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