Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Completing the Circle by Carol Lynne

Blurb: Left alone and pregnant, Cory did the unthinkable and married the best friend of the man she loved. For seven long years Cory paid for her choice. She was finally set free from her torment the day her husband died.

Remy loved Cory, but was heartbroken when he returned after fighting overseas to find that she'd married his best friend.

When secrets and lies are revealed, bridges are mended and Cory and Remy embark on a new life together. Their happiness is soon threatened by the appearance of a mysterious gift and a phone call. Cory is convinced the voice on the phone is her dead husband. When an explosion threatens their lives, Remy decides it's time to call in favors. With the help of his friends, Remy's and Cory's lives are about to become complete.

Completing the circle is a complex story which will really stir the heart strings. Carol Lynne weaves a wonderful and powerful heroine, who manages to overcome the obstacles in her way. A moving story with a wonderful ending and the description of Cory’s recovery was well described without being too factual. From the beginning of this story it will have you gripped and the plot twists will keep you turning the pages until the very end. A combination of hot relationships, intense scenes and masses of emotion, this story is amazing.

Best Bits: “I was your friend. Why didn’t I count?” Remy ran his fingers through his own black curls.

“You were my abuser’s best friend. You were like brothers. How could I tell you that Anton wasn’t who we both thought he was? It crushed me to discover the man behind the mask. I never really fell in love with Anton, but he was our best friend. I’d always loved him as a friend. How could I possibly have done that to you?” Cory stood and started to walk back down the beach.

Remy ran after her and pulled her up short. He spun her around and crushed her to his body. “Oh, sweetheart. You could’ve told me because I’ve always loved you.” Cory snapped her head up to face him and Remy softly touched his lips to hers. “Why do you seem shocked by that? I’ve made it pretty clear since Anton died that I wanted another chance. When I was in the service, yours was the only face that kept me sane. I’d lie awake at night and wonder what you were doing, whether you were happy?” He closed his eyes and whispered against her lips, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t here for you then, but I am now.”

Verdict: A fantastic book and well worth the read. 

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