Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A-Hunting We Will Go by Kate Roman

Blurb: The Honourable Philip Huntingdon is due to inherit a comfortable country estate, and what should have been a comfortable fortune. But Philip's dissolute guardian has squandered the inheritance, and is now determined Philip must marry a rich heiress as soon as possible. Philip's own preference runs instead to his boyhood friend Fergus, a groom on the estate. When a foxhunting accident brings things to a head Philip must decide: his home, and the life he was born to, or an unknown future with the man he loves?

Oh, now this is one of those stories where, as a reader, you wonder whether love will win the day. When characters are faced with monumental decisions as to what their next move will be, I put myself in their position just so I can get a closer feel for what they’re going through.

Philip has what some might call a tough decision, although others, like me, wouldn’t find it difficult at all—I’d choose love. But A-Hunting We Will Go made me think, really think. Imagine: You have money, position in society, everything you could wish for—and then you find out you haven’t got that at all. To make sure you remain in the comfort you’ve known all your life, you’ve got to marry someone for their money. Not only that, you’re gay and you have to marry a woman. Oh my God, an extremely tough position to find yourself in. You love a man and you know it’ll be frowned upon if you admit it. You know you’ll lose everything material you’ve already lost (but could get back) if you proceed on the path of doing what’s in your heart—and it’s got to be a pretty damn big love to make you pick the love option—but the alternative of marrying a rich woman means being untrue to yourself and living not only a lie but a life in disguise, never showing who you really are.

I’m with Philip. Good choice, my man!

Verdict: An excellent “thinking” book, making you question yourself—and possibly not coming up with the answer you thought you’d choose when you first started reading.

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