Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Interview: L.A. Witt


Welcome to Miz Love! Let’s jump straight in. How does writing make you feel?

Most days, it feels great. It’s an escapist thing for me, and it also has that feeling of satisfaction that comes with creating something. I’ve always felt the need to make stuff – photos, sculptures, mischief – so writing is like the perfect outlet for that.

Do you like edits?

I hate editing. I hate editing with the fiery rage of a thousand flaming, rabid badgers. It’s boring. It’s tedious. It isn’t writing. It is, however, a necessary step, so I do it without complaint. Well, okay, I do commiserate with my writer friends who feel the same way, but I embrace it as part of the writing process. But no, I don’t like it.

If you had an ideal writing space, what would it be like?

Ideally, a soundproof office with a big enough desk for my computer, my notes, and my cat, with a huge window and an awesome view. Failing that, I can write anywhere.

Have you ever co-authored? If not, would you ever consider it?

I haven’t, but I will consider it. At least one other author and I are discussing some collaborative projects, and as long as I have a good, solid rapport with the other author(s), I’m certainly open to it.

Are there any genres you'd love to try but haven't had a chance to tackle?

I’m itching to write some historical in several different eras/settings. I’d really like to try my hand at an epic fantasy, preferably without the failtacular results I had when I wrote it prior to hitting my stride as a writer.

What's your fave writing accompaniment? Tea? Coffee? Large slab of chocolate cake with pretty sprinkles? 

Mmm….sprinkles. I don’t really eat much while I write, but I usually have a bottle of water close by. I used to need coffee or Dr Pepper, but I’ve broken my caffeine addiction and function just fine without it, so I stick to water, fruit juice, or whatever’s handy.

If you could go anywhere in the world, money no object, where would you go, who with, and why?

Komodo Island. I was supposed to go there this year, but couldn’t go thanks to some asshat tenants who destroyed my house in Virginia, but that’s another story. Anyway. I want to go to Komodo with my husband so we can take pictures of Komodo dragons. Because. Seriously. Komodo freaking dragons. Failing that, Angkor Wat, because it’s wicked cool. Or Easter Island. In fact, we’re trying to go to Easter Island in 2012. Here’s hoping…

Here’s the blurb for my Riptide release, A Chip in His Shoulder:

“Contract killer” is a fitting job for a vampire, and it suits Liam just fine. Cast down from the wealth and status of the Sky for taking a human lover, Liam lurks in the poor and pollution-choked Gutter, killing to survive. Between his natural strengths and his Cybernetix mods, no mark has ever escaped him.
Liam’s ex-lover Daniel is the heir to Cybernetix—and its greatest threat. Horrified by people less man than machine and the exploitation of Gutter factory workers, he’d rather destroy Cybernetix than inherit it . . . if his father doesn’t destroy him first.
Years of anger and a heap of mods have kept Daniel and Liam apart. When Liam is hired to slaughter a man in his glass Sky tower, he walks right into a Daniel-shaped trap. Daniel’s father has betrayed them both, and only by working together can Daniel and Liam survive the coming day. They have no reason to trust each other, but as the dawn looms, a bargain that began with the simple urge to live soon reminds them of the love they once shared. Can they find each other again, or will the Cybernetix assassins find them first?
You can read an excerpt and purchase A Chip in His Shoulder by clicking here.
Where can your readers find you?
Here’s the list of places I like to hang out:
Email address: thethinker42@gmail.com
Twitter: GallagherWitt


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Whoot! Dr. Pepper! *coughs* I mean, fruit juice is good. Lol. Bad caffeine.


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Great interview! Komodo is an interesting location to want to go to, very exotic. I've seen tv shows about the locale and I can see why you'd want to go.

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Great post! Thanks for the excerpt :-) I'm really looking forward to reading Chip.

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Enjoyed the interview; it was a great read. The blurb for A Chip In His Shoulder was great, too. I look forward in reading it.

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I'm very intrigued by this collaborative work :-D I'm nosy that way

Congrats on your new releases

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Some interesting locations there to visit. Good luck with that! =)

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Loveless3173 said...

Heh, soundproof sounds just about right. Every now and then I listen to music when reading but I prefer it to be quiet. As for when I write... I actually rely on music. It creates the scene better for me.


Lori W. said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

And @Sarah: You'll find out about the collaborative work(s) in due time, don't you worry. ;)

L. A. Witt

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