Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Jay by Xondra Day

Blurb: Book one in The Men of Buckshot Ranch Series

Jay Harnett’s predictable world is knocked upside down when he encounters the new school teacher, Will, in town. As their unlikely friendship blossoms, it turns to lust, love, and a whole lot more, surprising them both.

But when Will’s old flame suddenly leaps into the picture a decision must be made that will change all those involved.

I love a tale where the ex turns up, throwing everything into confusion. The reason I enjoy this is because I get to watch how the main character reacts when they have a new love and the old comes strolling along like a stinking sock, making me wrinkle my nose and wish he’d go off and find himself another person to annoy. I don’t like my character’s newest relationship to be threatened in any way—I get a bit protective—but at the same time I love getting worked up and having the chance to see the ex go off with his tail between his legs because hell, our main man has found a better partner, someone who knows how to treat him right. So there you have it, my private fetish out there for all to see—you want your old flame back, well, you should have treated them properly in the first place so they never left, you azzhole. You want what your old lover has found with their new partner—tough crap, because it ain’t happening.

Verdict: Treat yourself and indulge in the first book of a series that promises to be a damn good ride. 

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