Monday, 12 December 2011

Like This by Emma Hillman

One day, David dares his girlfriend, Lily, to spend the weekend naked. She agrees, but only if he does the same. However, by the next Saturday morning, she’s forgotten all about it. He finds her in the kitchen and reminds her of the rules, quickly undressing her before showing her why obeying him is the right thing to do.

When they have a guest over the next weekend, however, and David still wants her to be naked, she suddenly wonders whether that dare wasn’t created for an altogether different purpose…

This is one super-fast story that is in fact rather enjoyable as it catches you and takes you on a quick journey for Lily. I don’t know what to say on these types of stories because I never want to spoil any of the fun. Let me say, it starts out great, hot and sexy, and finishes on a great high. Well worth the short time it takes to read.

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