Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Mind's Eye by BA Tortuga

Blurb: Jake likes Vegas, but it gets a little hot when he wins too much at one casino. So Jake has a choice; he can go to the middle of nowhere and try to kill this guy some mob boss wants dead, or he can die himself.

Keye is on vacation and minding his own business when Jake shows up. As a hitman, he thinks it’s pretty damned funny that Jake is the man sent to kill him, at least until he starts to figure out what talents Jake has going for him. Can these two band together and stay alive?

The Mind’s Eye has a very cool voice that immediately sucked me in, not to mention the insight into the characters’ inner feelings, which were not only real but downright amusing at times. I love books where I understand what the character is feeling, where I’ve felt the same way myself and can relate. This book had that in spades for me, so it was a thoroughly enjoyable, engaging book from start to finish.

Verdict: Great voice, great writing, and even greater emotional depth. You can’t ask for more than that! Kicks azz!

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