Tuesday, 27 December 2011

On This Day by Kim Dare

Blurb: Tayton remembers Christmas, Valentines, birthdays and all the conventional anniversaries. He’d always assumed this made him one of the good guys when it came to special occasions, but his new submissive celebrates the anniversary of damn near everything.

Tonight seems to mark the date of an anniversary that’s particularly important to Denny. Unfortunately, Tayton has no idea what it’s the anniversary of…

Kim Dare has penned a tale where I was as confused as Tayton as to what Denny was celebrating. This is not a negative but a big positive. As a reader, I sometimes enjoy being in the dark and not knowing everything, going on a journey with the character exactly how that character perceives things and discovering exactly when they discover. It puts me right there with the character, being at one with them as it were. The love between Tayton and Denny is very special, very lovely and will last a lifetime—something I appreciated with Ms Dare’s talent in making me believe this will be so.

Verdict: A story that has stuck in my mind since I read it—and that can only be a good sign. I’ll be on the lookout for more of Ms. Dare’s work, because she has a style and voice I “fell” into and didn’t want to climb out of.

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