Friday, 16 December 2011

Romancing Recee by Allie Standifer

Book 5 in the Club Botticelli series

Love is never easy between two people determined to avoid heartbreak.

Experience has taught Recee Williams that love causes nothing but pain. Her past has proven her right time and again. She’s content to live her life alone with no one but her friends. They may be close to the legal line of insanity, but they’re her true family.

Garen’s interest in the most lethal and unstable member of Club B’s owners is nothing but foolish. Knowing that doesn't stop him from rushing to her 'rescue' when an ex threatens Recee’s life. But Recee is more than capable of taking care of herself.

After one night together Garen knows he’ll never be able to let this prickly woman go, but he'll need more than charm and great talent between the sheets.

Somehow Garen needs to find the perfect way to start Romancing Recee.

Reader Advisory: This book contains heavy doses of sarcasm, hot sex against walls, on floors and a dual kidnapping that leads to explosive results.

I have read several in Ms Standifer’s Club Botticelli series and I have to say I have enjoyed them all. This one was no exception and, true to form, when you pick up one of these books you know you are in for a good read with hot, tough characters and a wild sexy ride through the pages.

I enjoyed first of all meeting up with old characters—they’re all like old friends when you’ve read their stories—and far from shying away from pulling in past characters this author shows them off in all their glory . Be warned: if you haven’t read their book this will make you want to!

Recee is only just on the ‘legal line of sanity’. She’s had a tough past and is content to be alone, looking out for her heart as well as her physical well-being with great efficiency. That is until Garen comes along. He can’t take his mind off her and knows she is going to be a tricky customer to romance. Without giving the story away there are a ton of great lines, a pile of the sweaty-naked-stuff and it all comes together seamlessly.

“Tall, hot and edible sashayed her sexy ass up a set of metal stairs, she stopped at the landing, blew a kiss in their direction then disappeared from view.” – I love Garen’s first description of her – edible, oh yum, you just know it’s going to be good!

“He didn’t drive by her house every night. Only on the nights when he didn’t have a job, couldn’t sweat her out of her system…”

“See,” she mentally lectured her absent friends, “I can find ways to solve my problems that don’t involve violence or knives.”

“I wasn’t trying to kill you, Thomas, you idiot. What the hell would I have done with your stupid body?”

All the sex scenes – Phew!!!

If you enjoy a little crazy in your heroines and a lot of sexy determination in your heroes then this is a book for you. In fact, this is a whole series for you. Go and enjoy.

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