Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Seduced by Blood by Taylor Tryst

Blurb: Nevada Ortiz was an up and coming Los Angeles Police Officer until a chance encounter with a would-be carjacker changes the course of her life. The six and a half foot assailant is dripping with weapons, his preternatural blue eyes drilling into hers, his bite changing everything. Her body’s reaction to his blood, a seduction within itself, goes hand and hand with raw, animalistic sex.

Nothing is as it seems and everything is in peril, including her life.

Gunner Slade is a vampire with secrets of his own, a soldier who can walk in the sun, a dose of Sangre allowing he and other vampires like himself to blend in among humans, until he puts everything on the line for a woman he can no longer exist without.

Nevada is the first ever human with immunity to a vampire bite, and requires the blood of two vampires to sustain her.

Not in his nature to share, Gunner Slade might be immortal, but he’s in hell just the same.

What a cracking read! Seduced by Blood starts off with an almighty bang as Nevada intercepts a car-jacker—or is he? She reveals herself to him as a police officer, only to be bitten by him… With that bite, her life changes forever. She’s taken to hospital, where she swears she can feel her biter close and in her mind. After discharging herself, she goes back to work and, while out on a job, she’s in the line of fire. Gunner, the man who bit her, knows she’s in trouble but arrives too late to stop her being shot. He has no choice but to turn her—otherwise she would have died.

However, his turning of her doesn’t go to plan—her body rejects everything that’s happening to it. Another vampire bites her to try and save her “life”, and Gunner has to cope with raging jealousy at seeing another vampire all over his woman.

Nevada has a bewildering time getting used to her new self and accepting who and what she has become. Her fear is palpable, her confusion very well explored, but one thing’s for sure, one thing she’s certain of despite the turmoil she’s in—Gunner was made for her and she him, and nothing will tear them apart.

Verdict: Very hot sex in a tale that is fast-paced and full of action, Seduced by Blood should indeed seduce you.

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