Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Star Treatment by Xondra Day

Blurb: Superstar, Mark Hunter never expected his life to change within a matter of days when compromising pictures surface of him on a celebrity gossip blog in the arms of another man.

Mark Hunter, action movie star and closeted gay man is thrown into a tailspin after a night of casual sex with a cute guy named Frankie turns into something much more. Especially when photos appear on the internet, showing Mark kissing another man. Will he come out the other end with his career intact, and will Frankie reveal his secret before Mark has to find out the hard way?

Here we’ve got ourselves a tale about a man who has to hide who he really is—and God, I love a book that gets me annoyed about society. He’s famous, and people finding out he’s gay might harm his career. Isn’t that just—excuse my language—bullshit? That some famous guy—or any guy—can’t be himself just because of what other people might think? In an ideal world, no one would give a rat’s azz what he does in the bedroom, but as we all know, half the world feels they have a right to tell guys like him what they can and can’t do—and that makes me pizzed as hell.

Star Treatment deals with a man who faces this kind of thing every day. Regardless of what he does and how fans adore him, there would be certain folks who’d turn their back on him if the truth was revealed. I muttered that the truth should come out, that those who didn’t like it could just F the hell off and mind their own business, but whether this is how it should be or not, there will always be that bigoted, overly loud voice of the sadly non-understanding people of this world that tries to drown out the fact that you can’t help how you feel or who you love.

Verdict: Want to get yourself all in a tizzy while at the same time raising your fisted hand in support of two men who are clearly made for one another? Then buy Star Treatment.

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