Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Two for the Shrew by Bronwyn Green

Advertising executives, John Petruchio and Simon Verona have been awarded the account of a lifetime—the vitamin and supplement empire, Minola Essentials. But what they really want is the delectable but shrewish CEO, Catherine Minola.

Catherine is the queen of her company, so when her retired father hires an ad agency without telling her, she's less than thrilled. Even more so when she realizes the two men she’s never quite gotten out of her system are back and they’re not shy about making up for lost time.

She thinks a no-strings fling might be just what she needs, but they have other plans.

Phew, someone give me some iced water. This is one hot ménage book with indulgently long and detailed sex scenes of the three-coming-together kind. The writing is smooth and the characters' personalities detailed enough to be in the moment with them. I enjoyed it very much.

Catherine is a feisty woman juggling a million things in her life including her business Minola Essentials, so when two hot guys from her past become very much her present it’s just one more thing to cope with. However, it soon becomes clear Simon and John have no intention of causing her problems of the regular sort. Oh, no, with them it’s all about making her feel good, great and damn fantastic – and not just in the short term.

I liked the two guys in this book, they were strong and determined, sexy and real. When the author was writing from their POV I really got a sense of their history with Catherine and what it was they liked about her – everything – and how they wanted their lives to pan out.

The build up to them all getting together. Especially the tension in the boardroom.

“She’d developed a reputation for being a bitch, but he liked to think of her as assertive.”

Her father speaking – “I’ll leave you with these capable young men and let you three get to know each other better.” Hah, if only he knew how well she was going to get to know them!!

A good book to dive into if ménage stories are your thing. I will definitely be reading more by this author.

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