Monday, 30 January 2012

Always Room for Four by Lynn LaFleur

Patrick Dennison is excited about the upcoming visit from his cousin Jake and Jake’s wife Amanda to his ski resort. He didn’t expect to take one look at Amanda’s friend Tera Connolly and fall head over heels in lust.

Tera is recovering from a broken heart and isn’t the least bit interested in getting involved with another man. That doesn’t mean she fails to notice the sexy ski resort owner. A night in his arms is the perfect way to begin to heal.

She’s hesitant when Amanda suggests a foursome with Jake and Patrick for Patrick’s birthday. But an evening of sex with Patrick and Jake, plus the added pleasure of being intimate with Amanda, leads Tera to say yes. The foursome is amazing for Patrick, but alone time with Tera is even better. Somehow, he has to convince her to stay with him…not just for a few more days, but for a lifetime.

Always Room for Four is an extremely erotic romance from the beginning and builds up into one really hot scene between three people. I’ve never been one for female interactions in books but in this it really works and adds to the eroticism for the men.

Tera is dealing with a broken heart when she meets her college friend and ex-lover Amanda. Patrick owns the resort and it is the place where Jake and Patrick get to meet Amanda’s friend. Patrick and Tera hit it off straight away and with his birthday coming up Amanda has a surprise in store.

Surprise Patrick with a foursome. Not only do all of them have a foursome that starts with a game of strip twister, this is highly erotic and the author certainly works out the mechanics really well. I liked that the characters didn’t grow extra arms and legs.

Always Room for Four is a great read and the characters are fun and the foursome worked out really well.

Best Bits: The foursome scene. It was hot and well worth the time to get to it.

Verdict: Very erotic. Be warned, this books is scorching! 

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