Thursday, 19 January 2012

Blame it on Bangkok by Allie Standifer

After seven years of married bliss, Blanca isn’t about to lose her husband to a twenty-something stick figure. It’s time to pull out all the tricks in this curvy woman’s repertoire.

Waking up to find his sexy wife in his hotel room thrills Zane, until he finds out why she’s there. Another woman found an email never sent, one detailing his every dark desire, but the only woman starring in his fantasy is his wife. He plans to use their erotic surroundings to win her forgiveness.

Blame it on Bangkok is part of the Erotic Escapes series and is available as a free read at Ellora’s Cave.

This is a hot short story that gives a good taste of this author’s voice. Well worth picking up if you have a spare few minutes and fancy something to get you squirming.

The characters Bianca and Zane are quickly established, as is Bianca’s dilemma. But you just know that all will be well. And it is, in a hot, dark, delicious turn of events that will satisfy any fan of erotic romance.

Best Bits: That letter! – Phew, it takes the term love-letter to a whole new level!!

“The woman I dated before you…I’d tried to tell her, but she accused me of being a perverted freak. Said I needed mental help and to stay away from her.” – Ah, bless him.

“I’ve used toys… you know, there.”

Verdict: Fun and sassy and a trip into a couple’s bedroom as they confess ‘forbidden’ desires. Well worth picking up and losing yourself in and then hunting out more by this talented writer.

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