Thursday, 5 January 2012

His Landlady by Jan Irving

Book one in the Raw Series

"I know I should have waited, bided my time like a good boy but...I am not a good boy," seductive younger man Sloan Kent tells Diana Moore the first time they meet, when the martial arts instructor lures her into an act of unexpected submission.

Diana Moore is edgy around new tenant Sloan Kent, owner of a kick boxing school. From the moment she glimpses a martial arts poster of the lean, beautiful man, she wants him, but she can't see a focussed warrior athlete and an earth mother like her having much in common.

Sloan's calm Zen facade lulls Diana so that she submits to him the first time they are alone together. Diana has never had such an intense experience, but he's too young to be her master, isn't he?

Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the Subspace anthology by Total-E-Bound.

What I loved about this book was how Diana and Sloan get right to it, right from the start. Sometimes, a single woman does find herself in the situation where sex is on offer and, despite what other people might think of her, she takes it. Diana does this, but she never comes off as loose or a free-with-her-favours tart. It’s written in such a way that she is exploring, a somewhat uncertain, unsure-of-herself woman who is swept away by the beauty of man who seems so incredibly sincere in wanting to please her that she’s left wondering whether he is sincere or whether he’s pulled a fast one. She has a child to care for—she can’t afford the upset if everything comes crashing down.

However, Sloan is like a drug—and rightly so; he’s gorgeous—and she can’t keep away. It isn’t all about the sex. He’s given her a new lease of life, something to look forward to, and has opened up her mind so Diana has discovered things about herself she wasn’t aware existed until she met him.

Verdict: Very well written, very beautiful on so many levels, His Landlady is so worth the read. 

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