Friday, 27 January 2012

Interview: Tara Chevrestt

Hello, and welcome to Miz Love! How long have you been writing?

I have always been a writer. In my school days, I loved doing essays and short stories. However, as an adult, I actually began started writing my first novel in September of 2010, so a little over a year.

What prompted you to start writing?

My husband and I went to Sturgis and I was browsing the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and came across some information about some very fascinating women who rode their motorbikes across the U.S. in 1916. I said to my husband, “I need to find a book about these chicks!” Well, there was no book about those chicks so I said, “I’m going to write one!” And I did. LOL. It became Ride for Rights, due out in February of 2012.

How often do you write?

Not as often as I would like as I have a full time job. I don’t have a set schedule. When an idea comes to me, I tend to work on it in every spare moment, feverishly. When it’s done, I may go a few months without writing a thing till another idea hits me.

Where do you get your ideas from?

All my current and upcoming books are different genres so my ideas come from all kinds of things. I get ideas for historical novels while traveling to historical sites. A Facebook Affair came to me when I joined the website. My memoir is simply my own experiences.

What part of the publishing process do you like the best?

I actually like doing edits. Though frustrating at times, I see my work improving before my very eyes and it gives me a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

How do you feel when you receive your covers?

Like any author… must post it on Facebook and blog and Goodreads and tell everyone about it. LOL It makes the book feel “real” at last.

Are you anxious about reviews?

No. I have been a book reviewer for five years and thus, I expect there to be bad as well as good reviews. I think authors should read their negative reviews and honestly give the reviewer’s criticism some thought. Without criticism, you can’t improve. I have also learned that what one reviewer doesn’t like and points out may appeal to others rather than put them off.

Which genre are you most comfortable writing?

I love writing short stories and injecting some humor. Also women’s fiction.

Are there any you have yet to try?

Mystery. I haven’t done a mystery yet. That’s pretty hard to lay out. I’m rather intimidated by the idea… all the facts to keep straight…

What works do you have in store for us lucky readers in the future?

My historical YA, Ride for Rights, is due out in February of 2012 and a Christmas story, Operation: Enduring Santa is due out in December of 2012.

If you could go anywhere, any time, and money was no object, where would you go, why, and who with?

Any time?? America, World War II. It was an amazing time to be a woman as we were finally accepted in male dominated professions. I would have loved to live during that time and experience that… to be a trailblazer for the women of today.

Thanks so much for taking the time from your busy life to be with us here today. We’ve enjoyed hearing a little about you!

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