Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Scoring by Mia Watts

Jay Lang has been fooling himself by thinking he’s bisexual, because when it comes to Martin Petrie, he can’t stop imaging hot steamy sex. Martin calls his bluff in a single searing kiss from his perfect lips. Now Jay can barely hang onto his heart as Martin sets out to prove just how “bi” Jay isn’t.

This book is aptly named an ‘erotic gem’. It’s a hot little M/M that delivers great characters, steaming lust and a totally satisfying end.

Jay fancies the pants off of Martin, his roommate but hasn’t plucked up the courage to tell him. Hell, he doesn’t even think the man is gay!

However, that is all about to change in a sudden shift in power play and Jay finds out how Martin really feels and exactly what he wants.

Verdict: a really enjoyable, naughty read that will certainly have me seeking out more by Mia Watts.

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