Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Seduced by Silver by Gwen Campbell

When Meadow accompanies her boyfriend home for a weekend, she expects to try to rekindle their romance. Instead, she meets his father Keefe—mature, sexy and Alpha enough to claim her as his own.

And claim her he does. The heat that flares between them quickly turns to something more and their passionate joining leads to a deeper connection. But Meadow’s father is Keefe’s biggest business rival, and Meadow’s a daddy’s girl through and through—and her daddy’s not going to like this.

Reader Advisory: While the world in this book has the traditional werewolf pack structures, social statuses and hot, animalistic sex, the characters aren’t shapeshifters.

Seduced by Silver had me intrigued by the basis of the father falling for the son’s girl. While the blurb is played out like this, the actual content is described in a different way. Meadow goes home for the weekend with her boyfriend Killian Rand. Their relationship has changed as their natural roles have come forward. Meadow is an alpha female while Killian is a lower-ranking member but is still the son of the lead alpha of his pack (following me?).

Meadow and Keefe (Killian’s father) end up going head to head in a battle over a tuft of hair in a place—I don’t want to spoil all the details. After some more fights and an argument between Killian and Meadow, it becomes clear Keefe and Meadow are now mated.

Now, some people may find this objectionable because of the relationship with the son and then the father, but rest assured Gwen Campbell makes it clear that even though the son is upset, he did it on purpose. There are some steamy hot love scenes. I wished there could have been more of a fight between Keefe and Meadow. Overall, it is an interesting story.

Best Bits: Where Meadow and Keefe are arguing and he claims her for his own.

Verdict: Interesting premise and Ms Campbell delivers to make this an interesting and hot read. 

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Gwen Campbell said...

Thank you, Miz. B, for your review. I'm absolutely tickled you enjoyed Seduced By Silver!

Gwen Campbell