Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Surrender by Lora Leigh

Cole has wanted Tess for years. And he's warned her of this several times. He's also warned her HOW he wants her. Tied down in his bed, under his domination, surrendering to his desires...

Surrender is book 1 in Lora Leigh’s popular Bound Heart series and a delightful beginning that has become an addictive series. The premise is around a men’s club. The men enjoy and find deep pleasure in sharing their women with one other man from the club, essentially threesomes. There are rules which surround sharing and I love the way Lora Leigh has produced men who respect women and the main basis is to love and protect their women from scandal.

This is a relatively short story but it does pack a mass of emotion. Tess is like most young women who are unsure of their sexuality and being with Cole excites and scares her. The chemistry between these two characters is explosive and the banter enjoyable. The face-off Tess goes through with her mother made me feel sorry for Tess and delighted when Cole stood by his woman.

Overall a really great read.

Best Bits: I’d have to say the mother/Tess/Cole face-off at the end. Very well written.

Verdict: Emotional, hot, steamy and thoroughly enjoyable. 

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