Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Susie White and the Right Hand Man by Lucy Felthouse

A wedding, an evil plan, a love story and a sacrifice are the order of the day in this modern retelling of Snow White and the Huntsman.

Susie White and her stepmother-to-be have never seen eye to eye, despite all of Susie’s best efforts to be friendly. Eager not to spoil her father’s happiness, Susie still agrees to be bridesmaid at their wedding. When the big day comes, she meets Louise’s right hand man, Scott. Susie had never believed in love at first sight until that moment. The pair hit it off, sharing a mutual dislike of Louise and her wicked ways. Their camaraderie quickly develops into something more, and they date in secret until it’s time for Susie to leave for University – and freedom. Unfortunately, Scott has an earth-shattering revelation, which means the two of them of them must work together to unravel Louise’s evil plan, before it’s too late.

Oh, this is a good little book. Right from the yummy front cover to the very last page I enjoyed it. The wicked stepmother, trying to get her hands on White’s confectionary, was perfectly bitchy and witchy as well as beautiful. Susie is as thoroughly modern Snow White and incredibly likeable—also you have to feel sorry for the completely oblivious father as a plot to kill his daughter unfolds.

I adored the ‘sex god’, otherwise known as Scott. He was deliciously described physically and was a breath of fresh air for the heroine. He was quick thinking and brave. And when it came to the sex scene, phew, he’s a hottie!!

Best Bits: “I didn’t want to end up falling in love with the guy only to find out he was a puppy killer or something.”

“Unless you suddenly become ugly, and that mirror of hers suddenly states that she’s the most beautiful of all again, you’ll be public enemy number one. She’s a fucking witch.’

Verdict: Susie White and the Right Hand Man has all the elements of a fairytale: love at first sight, good versus evil, a grotto, magic, and of course a happy ever after. Plus it has some sumptuous spice that is missing from your usual Snow White story! Go grab a copy and enjoy.

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