Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Temporary Fix by Allie Standifer

Sometimes temporary lust leads to a more permanent emotion.

Clever Cajun Remy Douget knows he screwed up with lovely CEO Kelli Brach several months ago. So when she calls his IT company looking for help he knows this might be his only chance to claim the woman he can’t get off his mind.

Expecting anyone but Remy to show up at her office Kelli’s shocked at the company owner’s blatant proposal. One night to burn their passion, she agrees. Too bad their single night leads to more complications than she counted on. Like a permanent complication from a Temporary Fix.

Reader Advisory: This book contains melt your ice cubes sex on a couch, the floor and several creative bathtubs positions.

Temporary Fix is part of the Tempting Temps series and if you want to hop on for a wild ride then this is a book for you.

Kelli is a self-made businesswoman. She’s worked damn hard to get where she is and that hasn’t included time for dating. So when Remi comes along, a hunkalicious computer expert with an exotic air of seduction and mystery, of course she jumps at the chance to dance the evening away with him.

However, despite her attraction toward Remi, she quickly discovers that he’s a player. He likes women a little too much and she decides not to date him again. Two-timers are not her type.

But Remi is not a man who takes no for an answer. He comes back to Kelli’s office determined that she will be his. An old family legend says that once a Douget man has made up his mind that he is in love with a woman he will do anything to make her his. He no longer wants any other woman other than Kelli.

I enjoyed the whirlwind of romance in this story, the thrill of the chase, and the almighty sex scenes. The characters were likeable and believable.

Best Bits: “And I don’t have time to play undress the Cajun like some sex-obsessed freak.”

“Remi Douget tried to feel bad about scaring the sexy woman, really he did. But what heterosexual man in his right mind would regret watching the world’s most perfect pair of breasts bounce and sway as Kelli jumped in fright?”

The office bathroom – OMG!

Verdict: A damn sexy read with page upon page of the hot stuff and written in a colorful, easy-to-read style. Recommended read!

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