Monday, 9 January 2012

Three by S. Dora

Even a happy single thirty-something, living mainly through his intellect, has certain needs. They’re met by an open-minded, adventurous young gay couple more than willing to invite him to their bed.

Can a single man in his thirties be truly happy? To Owen Bartlett, writer of books and articles about the history of mathematics, the answer is a resounding yes. But he still has some very human needs.

So when he meets Sebastian and Davin, a young and attractive couple, and they ask him to spend the night with them, he isn't going to refuse. The intensity of the sex the three men share that night goes beyond anything Owen has ever experienced, certainly when he discovers Davin craves to be dominated by his partners, and Sebastian is all too willing to give his lover what he needs.

Owen is certain it was a one night thing only, but he couldn't be more mistaken.

Three is a lovely tale about, yes, you’ve got it, three men. It brings to mind thoughts of whether another man can be added to an already-working, duo relationship. I pondered this when I started reading, asking myself if it was going to work, whether jealousy would rear its ugly head—which would be natural anyway, given that the pair have been together for some time.

However, with the introduction of Owen, he fits in very well—it’s almost as though, despite the duo having a very good relationship, he completes them. Owen enhances their sound relationship. I loved the way he, at first, took their sexual experience with a take-it-or-leave-it air, because, after all, he’s a realist and knew from the start he might well just be a dalliance. That he was grounded enough to see that and not get his hopes up was a great aspect for me, being a realist myself.

The writing is strong, very well done, and the voice is one that spoke to some inner part of me, where I fell into the comfortable wording and descriptions without having to struggle. It’s beautiful, and I look forward to more from S. Dora.

Verdict: A wonderful tale where a man jumps in with both feet and enjoys what could be a one-night affair with no regrets and no expectations. Even though the thought of them all being together permanently crosses Owen’s mind, he doesn’t think the offer of sex gives him the right to that. He’s an exceptional man, and the maturity in him is wonderfully explored. You can see from the way he acts he’s lived a bit, has learned a few lessons. He’s lovely.

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