Friday, 10 February 2012

Lover's Revealed by Nikki Lynn

Book one in The Dark Guardians Series

Enter into a world of darkness, where danger stalks two lovers as their passion burns out of control.

Struggling to understand the weird things happening around her, Liana is looking forward to a night of mindless abandon. When she encounters a stranger that comes to her only in the darkness, she is helpless against his drugging kiss...eager to explore the promise in his eyes.

Nikoli has given up on love and family. With the growing threats against his people, his time is better spent fighting. But when his attention is caught by a beautiful human, he is consumed with need. Unable to help himself, he abandons his duty, and together they embark on an erotic journey as danger slowly closes in around them.

This is a tale about how love grips. The couple are fully aware of what is ahead. I wished there wasn’t any danger just so they could get on with their affair and explore what they meant to each other. But, as with all good books, it isn’t complete without that part of the recipe called conflict. And that conflict is gripping. Once their feelings for one another are established, when the danger appears I found myself not wanting anything to tear Liana and Nikoli apart, so rooted for them to make it through. There are a few other characters who behave in ways that made me want to scream (this is all good!).

Verdict: A highly enjoyable tale!

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