Friday, 24 February 2012

Orchid Pink by Toni Sands

An historical erotic novel set in Victorian London by Toni Sands.

Demure Adelaide hides a passionate nature beneath her elegant gowns. After hiring new maid Daisy, she’s eager to introduce her to the delights of the orchid house. Enjoying Sapphic romps and determined to resist paternal pressure to marry businessman Thomas, Adelaide is surprised to find excitement in his touch and his whispered promises. Yet, when he reveals his sinister side, she seeks familiar solace.

Christmas brings snowflakes, also a vivid reminder of a heart-wrenching past. Intrigue and obsession rock this Victorian household as Adelaide’s poignant search for love leads her into storms. Will she ever bask in the sunshine?

Orchid Pink was a long and character-rich read. I enjoyed it, invested in Adelaide and felt transported back in time.

Ms. Sands has a sumptuous, mature voice, which I found elegant and sophisticated. There were many lines and phrases I re-read, simply to enjoy them again.

The plot was erotic, with Adelaide partaking in both lesbian and heterosexual encounters. She was a lovely warm protagonist, sensual and with just the right amount of confidence and vulnerability. Her desires were shown on different levels and she grew with her experiences as the tale unfolded. At times I guessed where the author was heading with the story at others it took me by surprise. But it always flowed along at an easy pace with the secondary characters adding depth to the story and I certainly had a soft spot for her father.

Best Bits: “When Daisy first walked into the drawing room, her loveliness made our ornate furniture seem lackluster.” From the very first line I knew I would enjoy Orchid Pink

“My upbringing was a tight corset and though Ruth Carroll had loosened the stays, I still felt I was beguiled by the devil’s violin.” An example of the delicious description of Adelaide’s emotions.

“My bad girls were always a joy to me.” Adelaide referring to her orchids.

“According to Ruth, gentlemen often visited prostitutes if they required such a treat. Did that mean, as a wife, I wouldn’t be required to take Thomas’ knob between my lips? Perhaps it was considered such a sin that only street walkers were considered fit to perform it.”

The way Thomas spoke of Adelaide’s sexuality as a third person. It said a lot about his view of her.

Verdict: Orchid Pink is a high quality historical erotic romance that I’m sure will appeal to many readers. The standard of writing was top notch, the use of the English language a delight. If F/F is your thing with a bit of M/F thrown in, and you enjoy a trip back in time this should definitely be on your TBR list.

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