Thursday, 9 February 2012

Robert by Sam Crescent

Book one in The Valentines Series

A war is about to begin.

Sophie Ford has a secret. Fear for herself and her friend has her running to the vampire council in search of protection.

And she is bonded to a vampire.

Robert Valentine knows Sophie is hiding something, but what? She tempts him as no little human ever has in his whole life. He is the eldest son of the most powerful family in the world.

Forces they cannot control are fighting against them. Time is running out. Sophie's secret is about to be exposed. Is there time to save the ones they love? Can Robert and Sophie move on and survive the war that is about to begin?

What a great tale. Robert is one sexy mofo with an azz I’d like to pinch and a co—well, that’s enough of my dirty mind. I’m in love with him—yes, still in love with him even though I finished reading a couple of days ago. He’s strong, he’s so macho, yet he’s caring and soft at the same time. Wonderful traits. I loved the images I got of him, all vampirey—which isn’t surprising since he is one—but the visuals I were so yummily vampire (that brooding feel you get from them) that I got a bit short of breath every time he was on the page.

The plot is a good one. There are vampires, wolves and other beings, and the world-building is very cool. There are things going on mere humans have no clue about, and this sense of underworld/otherworld happenings gave the tale a sharper edge for me because I imagined those vamps and shifters and magical people really living in our world and how we might not have a clue they’re there. Yup, this book really got me thinking about that.

So, if that’s the case and it wasn’t my imagination but some superpower letting me know these people really do exist…Rooooooo-beeeeert! Where are youuuuuu? I’m here! Come and find me, vampy baby!

Oh, I forgot. He’s in love with Sophie.


Verdict: A great start to what I imagine is going to be a great series where everyone is intertwined.

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