Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Stone Cold by Fleur T Reid

Trouble walked into his office on six-inch heels...

Harry Stone is a hard-bitten private detective, and when Vanessa Bouvier sashays into his office, a broad in trouble, the money she’s offering him to take her case is only part of a hot package. Her two-timing rat of a husband has scammed her out of a valuable diamond necklace, and she’ll do whatever it takes to make Harry take the case.

But soon he realises Vanessa isn’t in trouble—she is trouble. The necklace was never hers to begin with, and she’s sweet-talked Harry right into the middle of a hustle.

There are three things Harry can’t resist—whisky, women and trouble. And while he usually works with the good guys, this time his gut tells him to go with the girl. Can Harry get his hands on the million-dollar ice and thaw the heart of the stone-cold dame who’s stolen his?

Ms Reid took me back in time to a PI who is so adorable I imagine you’ll fall in love with him like I did. The voice in Stone Cold is exceptional—you can tell by the blurb—and it literally swept me away. It’s one of those books where you’ll smile at discovering such a great find, then sit back and drown in it. Honestly, it was like that for me. Super-talented author, a very well-written book, and I seriously cannot wait for her next tale. She’s in my notebook of auto-buy authors. Yes, she’s that damn good!

Best Bits: It’s difficult because the whole book is good. I particularly liked the description of how Vanessa looked and moved, how she was this glamorous woman that was such a big mass of trouble but Harry couldn’t resist her.

Verdict: Out of this world. A highly enjoyable story that left me wanting more, more, more!

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