Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Claiming by Jan Springer

Book Two in the Outlaw Lovers series

A fast-acting virus has been unleashed, killing a vast majority of the world's female population, forcing the introduction of the Claiming Law. A law that states men have all the rights and women are property…sexual property that can only be claimed by groups of men.

Seeking refuge from the Law, Callie Callahan hides in a deserted cabin in the Maine woods and is shocked when her ex-flame finds her. She's always craved being in Luke Outlaw's arms. Tasting him. Touching him. Taking him deeply within her. So, what's a girl to do but delve into the sexually sinful delights he offers?

Luke has finally reunited with the love of his life. He knows there's only one way to keep Callie safe and with him forever. He'll do it with the help of his three brothers and an assortment of sex toys. Rekindling the bright flames between them, he unleashes Callie's sexual side, taking her in ways she never dreamed possible, all with the ultimate goal of preparing her and introducing her to the Outlaw Lovers and…the Claiming.

This is the second book of the Outlaw series and much longer than the first. The Claiming gives more of a background into the virus that has spread throughout the community including the effects on the female population.

Callie is one of the women who hasn’t had any effects from the virus. She was taken to the government labs to be experimented on as to what made her different. Luke Outlaw had thought the woman he loved long dead. When he is reunited with Callie in an abandoned cabin sparks fly and this series gets into full swing.

The chemistry between Luke and Callie is fantastic as it moves the story along and the claiming was one hot scene. Every aspect of this book was brilliantly written and thoroughly enjoyable.

Verdict: The second instalment in a brilliant series. 


Iris Astres said...

Great to know the second is as good as the first. Thanks so much for the review and for this great website :)

Iris Astres

Jan Springer said...

Thanks Miz Love for your wonderful review of "The Claiming".

I appreciate your valuable time and I'm thrilled you enjoyed the story. :-)

Hugs and have a wonderful day!


Jan Springer said...


I'm so glad you enjoyed the first story in the series. I appreciate your support. :-)