Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I Will Always Love You by Victor J. Banis

Sometimes the path of true love takes you straight to where you want to go. And sometimes it doesn't. Then it rambles and twists until you're hopelessly lost, and you just know you're never going to get there...and, one day, you look into a pair of eyes, you hear a voice, and you know you've come home.

Never have I found such a wealth of beauty, emotion, joy, sensuality, innocence, naughtiness and spectacularly glorious prose (no, spectacularly glorious is NOT overstating it) in such a small package.

I Will Always Love You is a mere twenty-two pages; but, by the time I’d reached the end, my heart was as full as though I’d read a full-length novel. It was that enriching.

Bill and…what was his name? The narrator? I have no idea. He didn’t need a name, as I knew him intimately through Banis’ elegant, rich prose. He was me. He was everyone who has ever loved.

This is the poignant tale of one of those once-in-a-lifetime—which just happens to LAST a lifetime—loves between two men who begin a relationship while in high school. A rare chemistry requiring no words, although the narrator craves the words to put a name on what he and Bill share. And, yet, that bond he shares with Bill—that delicate but strong-as-steel thread connecting his heart to Bill’s—lasts through a twenty year absence.

THE KISS. I’d never yearned for a kiss to take place as I did with THE KISS between the two men. And it was worth the wait. Sweet. Soft. Loving.

The ending was perfection. My heart swelled with the most contented burst of sunshine when I read the last scene, the last paragraph, the last line.

I was not able to copy and paste any of the snippets to show you just how intimate the prose actually was. But, then, every line in every paragraph in this brief, delicate explosion of words, was filled to the brim with it, so how could I even try?

If you’ve got ten minutes to spare for a story that will make you smile, I can recommend no better way to spend it.


Jaime Samms said...

Where can we get this book? I've never read a Victor book, so this sounds like one I should try.


C. Zampa said...

Hey, Jaime.
I included a buy link, but it didn't take on the site for some reason.
It is:

Victor J Banis said...

Carol, thank you so very much for such a lovely review. I confess the story is a bit special to me - but people go one way or t he other with it - which is fine, I like to think if they are disagreeing, I've made them think - always a good thing.