Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Magnus by Jambrea Jo Jones

Book one in the Semper Fi Series

Hoorah! Take no prisoners.

The military is Marine Colonel Joe "Magnus" Rivers' reason for being. Protecting the United States of America from all threats is his sole purpose in life. His world is turned upside down when a woman is assigned to his team of elite Marines and his attraction to her threatens his career.

NCIS Special Agent Emily Patterson’s orders: infiltrate Colonel Rivers’ team and find the culprits behind a rash of kidnappings connected to a sex slave ring. Her mission parameters didn’t include an attraction for Colonel Rivers but nothing in Emily's career could have prepared her for Magnus. Her job becomes more difficult as she gets to know the man behind the uniform and Emily finds herself wanting to prove herself to him, potentially exposing her identity before she clears Magnus.

Magnus and Emily struggle against their growing feelings for one another, both knowing the consequences of giving in to lust. Magnus is Emily's team leader and fraternising is against the rules. Emily is investigating Magnus and his team; getting involved with him could ruin her investigation and her career.

To make herself look like she isn’t undercover, Emily makes quite a few mistakes as a member of Mag’s team. It’s funny, because Mag gets frustrated and wonders how the hell she got in to the Marines. But when she messes up one time too many and realises Mag isn’t one of the men she needs to be suspicious of, Emily tells him what she’s really doing there.

It’s difficult for Mag to come to terms with the fact that one of his men is part of a sex slave ring, but he has to. But which one is it? I didn’t guess until the last minute, because the bad boy’s point of view is written in such a way that there are no clues as to who he is until the reveal. I liked trying to guess, though!

Verdict: There is tension, growing love, and the “Who the heck IS this guy?” scenario throughout. A highly enjoyable romance that lets you know there are more in the series due to the well-displayed sub characters. This makes me want to read the next one. Recommended read. 

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