Monday, 5 March 2012

Nice Girl Naughty by Jan Springer

Blind since nineteen, Summer has blossomed into a famous wood carver, her talented hands giving life to erotic art. When her own life is nearly taken by a serial killer, she finds herself suddenly whisked to a secluded wilderness cabin by sexy bodyguard Nick.

Summer can’t get enough of touching Nick’s thick, powerful muscles and all those other hard, yummy male body parts. It doesn’t take long before the cabin’s every surface—horizontal or vertical—is marked by their scorching lovemaking.

For years Nick has stayed away from nice girl Summer. Now he’s back, and sweeping his gorgeous redhead into the naughty, erotic sex-fest they’ve been craving for years. With passion blinding him, Nick doesn’t realize their hideout isn’t safe—until it’s too late.

Summer lost her eyesight during a car accident that killed her parents. Since that fatal day she has become a world-famous wood carver. She produces sensual erotic art. However, someone wants to hurt Summer and it’s up to Nick to protect and save her. Summer has always had a crush on Nick—they’d shared a passionate kiss on the night she turned nineteen—but nothing else.

Will being locked together in a safe house bring them together and will Nick be able to protect her from a serial killer?

This is a quick and sexy-hot read. I loved the fast pace and the instant chemistry between the two characters. Their attraction isn’t drawn out but one they accept and act on. I love how Summer depicts their acts in the physical form of wood carving. Reading this book made me want to see those carvings.  Nick is a lovely character and you get the sense of him fighting with his feelings which is refreshing to read. Most heroes know their feelings straight away.

Overall this is a really good story with a great plot and a lovely romance into the twist.

Verdict: If you want a fast-paced story with lots of action in the bedroom, this is the story for you. 

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Jan Springer said...

Dear Miz Love,

Hi! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing Nice Girl Naughty. I'm pleased you enjoyed the story and I hope to bring you more stories that you can enjoy!!

Hugs and have a great day!