Friday, 30 March 2012

Rebel Rose by Debra Glass

They say she’s a Rebel spy…

Rosalie O’Kelley is not above using her feminine wiles to secure much-needed supplies for her fellow townspeople. But when Union Colonel Eric Skaarsberg is put in charge, Rose’s usual tactics fail miserably. In exchange for supplies, she comes to a scandalous arrangement with him. She agrees to become his willing plaything—to fulfill his every physical need, eagerly and without hesitation.

Eric is duty-bound to ferret out the spy who has been leaking information to the Confederates. All evidence points to the passionate belle who readily responds to every touch and taste he metes out. One by one, he strips away Rose’s secrets, but Eric is not satisfied with owning the she-Rebel’s luscious body. He must uncover the truth of her past at any cost—even if it means the destruction of them both.

Debra Glass has done it again and is fast becoming one of my favourite authors to read. She’s reliable in the way that she tells a wonderful story. She grips me from the beginning and weaves me through the tale.

Eric Skaarsberg has been sent to find the spy who’s been leaking information to the confederates. He meets Rosalie O’Kelley who is suspected of being this spy. Now I usually find these stories a little predicable. Debra Glass is anything but. The fight Rosalie and Eric have because of the fact they’re fighting on two different sides makes this a more appealing read. I love the struggle they have in accepting each other and the love that subsequently grows between them.

There were moments that had me gripping my Kindle wondering what was going to happen next and the sex and romance between the characters is steamy.

I would highly recommend this read.

Verdict: A fantastic story about one of the hard times in American history. 

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Debra Glass said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the fantastic review. This made my weekend! This story is set in my hometown. I'm glad you enjoyed stepping back in time with my characters.

Adele Dubois said...

I love Debra's books. Must buy this one!