Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Twice the Novice by Debra Glass

Shamed by secrets, Anne Meredith will do anything to fulfill her marriage contract to a mysterious Bavarian count. Even if it means submitting to Axel von Sommerhalder, the handsome stranger the count has enlisted to train her. She thinks the intimate punishments her trainer metes out will be a humiliating ordeal. Instead, as she finds herself surrendering to the dominant desires of a man forbidden to claim her, she discovers even more about herself than she ever dreamed possible.

Axel demands that his novice abandon every inhibition. But in doing so, they both embark on a dangerous journey, tempting each other’s flesh, relishing every forbidden touch—and breaking every rule.

Anne Meredith has been sent to a mysterious court to marry a count. She doesn’t know much about him or the place where she’s going. The moment she sets foot into her betrothed’s mansion, she will be in for a shock of a lifetime. Axel is the count’s nephew and he’s in charge of training the future wife of the court.

When Axel takes control of Anne’s training the pages soon heat up and be warned, it will get steamy.

Twice the Novice was an amazing story that was really well written.

Axel is extremely dominant but you see him falling in love with Anne. The chemistry between the two main characters is believable and lovely to read. I love possessive men and I found Axel was right up my street. He was perfectly written and Twice the Novice is another brilliant story from the talented Debra Glass.

Verdict: A steamy historical romance that will certainly warm you up whatever the time of day you read. 

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Debra Glass said...

Thanks so much for reviewing Twice the Novice. I enjoyed writing Axel and Anne's story. Such a dark fantasy fairy tale. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it.