Monday, 19 March 2012

Werebeasties by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Samantha Knight is on the road to ruin. Recently divorced, facing foreclosure, and strapped for cash, she is forced to take drastic measures to put her life back on track. A group of wealthy businessmen offer her an exorbitant amount of money if she is willing to be their bedmate for a month.

Samantha isn’t big on sex. But the job shouldn’t be that complicated, right? After all, sex is sex and she’s quite good at faking it. Everything changes when she meets her new employers.

Adam Hauser, a tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome banker makes her want to fan herself each time he is within her reach.

Calvin Neutzel, a young lawyer with a Mr Olympia body causes her to ache in all the bad places.

And then there’s David Strauss, the tall CEO with the face of an angel, who can really make her panties wet with just one look. Samantha thinks either the job is starting to sound fun or these men are just too good to be true.

The real surprise is when they come to her bed at night. Furry, sinuous big cats with insanely raucous appetites for sex are eager to play...

What a great concept, having a female character who isn’t much into sex going for a job where she’ll have to have sex with not one but three men! I loved this because for me it showed more starkly how they affected her. She was turned on by all of them in a way she’d never experienced before. That isn’t surprising. The man she divorced is a nasty guy and the way he acts makes it clear he hadn’t been too attentive to Samantha’s needs when they were together—sexual or otherwise. She was well rid of him.

What she doesn’t expect, while also trying to get her ex to understand that she can’t give him any money until she gets paid herself, is those three men to turn into cats. And what handsome, sexy cats they are!

When Samantha has to let them know what her ex is up to, all three men tell her they’ll keep her safe and sort things out. But conflict arrives and things don’t go to plan…

Verdict: An incredibly sexy book packed with intrigue and excitement. Thoroughly enjoyed by this reader!

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