Monday, 23 April 2012

Wicked Teacher by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Aiden succumbs to Eva, finally unleashing his dark, wild side as they passionately fulfil one of the oldest fantasies in the book – that of Wicked teacher and seductive student.

Aiden has always wanted to do naughty things with Eva. Sent to him, practically wrapped in a bow, he can finally unleash his wicked side and teach her a lesson. Pushing both their boundaries to the limit, Aiden has to remind himself this is a one-time-only affair.

Eva has wanted Aiden seemingly forever. She can see the smouldering heat in his gaze and imagine how he will feel claiming her, possessing her, branding her as his. She knows it will only take a small push in the right direction, and then he can make her hottest fantasies come true. She’s always desired the Wicked Teacher, and now she plans to make him hers in every way.

The best way to describe this fantastic novella is that it is wickedly hot! OMG! Scorching, blistering—an orgy of words! Do I recommend it yes, very much so! It’s compelling despite the situation of teacher and student; uncomfortable but fantastical, hot but on the edge.

I completely adored the switch in point of view as I sped through the pages. The characters were all about the moment and satisfaction, not just for themselves but for each other and I was swept away with their desire and lust.

Best Bits:

Dark strands of black hair framed his face, but it was his voice and eyes which called to something deep within her. This man was not a traditional form of handsome. His features were too rigid for that, too unbending. But the low, smooth tone of his voice could tempt a nun to fling her panties at his feet and beg to be fucked hard.
She craved this wicked awakening inside her body, something she had come to realise only Mr Traverns could give to her—not the boys in her class.
Secretly, down in the darkest corner of her soul, Eva wanted Aiden to push her, force her, use her and show her each and every way they could be together as a man and girl. She wanted it all, and then some.
“Eva, this is detention, not a social picnic. I said—lie across my lap.”
He had bought the vibrator with Eva solely in mind. It had been many weeks ago now and Aiden had spent an inordinate amount of time daydreaming about just what he would do with such an instrument.
I pondered maybe fisting you first, but I think we can save that delicacy for another time. Or maybe if you beg me very prettily when I’ve filled you up with my seed I can fist you afterwards.
Verdict: I have enjoyed works by this author before, but this book really shows her talent for writing eye-wateringly intense sex scenes. So if you want sex on every page and a damn smokin’ hot read, go grab yourself a copy of Wicked Teacher and have an indulgently wicked time!

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