Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Highland Pull by Laura E. Harner

Waking up next to a dead woman was a good indication that Dr. Gabhran MacLachlan was in bigger trouble than he’d realized. Recognizing this as another trap set by the dark Druid Master, Gav races from Edinburgh to New Orleans to find Alysone, a mental patient who claims to have awakened in a reality that isn’t hers. Her story, so close to his own, may be the necessary key to unlock his Druid memories and prevent him from shifting realities once again.

When Alysone disappears, Detective Miranda Close is less than thrilled to discover her new landlord and would-be lover is the missing woman’s doctor. Raised in the magick of New Orleans and already familiar with the darkness coiled within Gav, Randi’s belief in the supernatural may be all that saves her life when they are pulled hundreds of years into his past, and only one of them remembers the truth. When realities shift once again, Randi realizes they may be pawns in a much larger game.

The Highland Destiny saga continues with a tale of betrayal, murder, and magick that spans two continents and hundreds of years.

Why, oh, why I read this installment in the Highland Destiny Saga first, I do not know. The intensely primal, sensual cover perhaps? Who knows. All I DO know is that Highland Pull has…PULLED…me into its spell and now I must go back to the beginning and see where this beautiful tale began.

First of all. No, no. Now you know I don’t talk about plots.

So where does that leave me except with one of the sexiest, most virile, potent, primitive yet ultra sophisticated and suave characters I’ve ever read. Oh, hey, how did Ms. Harner pull THAT off? Oh, I don’t know—just writing talent, I suppose, which this author is brimming with—but she DID pull it off.

Dr. Gabrhran MAcLachlan is the Highlander in this book, who harbors a dark spirit and is cursed with ‘shifting realities’—i.e., traveling from the contemporary world to ancient Scotland, and he has no control over these changes.

And I have to say this dark spirit was virtually a character of its own, even though we never see it, we only FEEL it inside him. It directs everything Gav does. It loves, hates, fears, cringes, lusts, taunts. It is a frightening yet beautifully described entity.

I thought Gabhran was intensely sexy in his contemporary world, which in this book is set mostly in mysterious, brooding, sultry New Orleans. But when his reality shifts to ancient Scotland we are introduced to the most savagely beautiful Highlander imaginable. Rugged, fearless, unbearably handsome and—oh, yes—a very primal yet tender lover. Hot. Very hot. It’s been a few days since I ‘met’ him, and he is still fresh in my mind.

The heroine, Detective Miranda Close, is Gabhran ‘Gav’s’ lover and the chemistry between them is delectable and the sex scenes range from wonderfully primitive to exquisitely gentle and oh so sensual.

There are supporting characters—very sexy Liam and his beautiful tormenter/lover, Marie. And the erotic scenes between these two, filled with vivid and titillating voodoo and black magic, was enough to make me ask the author to please give us more of the pair.

Like I said, the book was fabulous, romantic, sensual, panoramic in its descriptions of both worlds (modern New Orleans and the primitive world of Scottish Highlands).


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