Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Naughty Rendezvous by Victoria Blisse

Joe likes to tease and single mum Leanna loves it to. When they meet up for their first official date, the sparks fly but who's going to crack first? Will Joe's intimate questions and kiss and run tactics bring Leanna to her knees or will Leanna's curves, flashed in moments of exhibition drive Joe to rip off all her clothes and indulge his urges?

How will she react to Joe's domination and will she be turned on by his spankings? She's going to be a naughty girl, so she's bound to find out.

The tone of this story was very readable from the very first paragraph. The heroine is just so likeable and easy to identify with. She has the perfect combination of sexiness, nervousness and confidence.

And did I mention Joe—he's pretty damn hot too! I love the banter between the two of them, and the way the author fills us in on their relationship history. The whole American v Brit thing is great fun to read.

Best Bits:

He told me straight out that he was a dominant, that he was the masterly type. – gotta love it when you see this line near the beginning of a book!

His deep silken tone is tinged with that familiar accent of the American south, bringing a touch of the exotic to the Northern British mundaneness of a cosy café.

‘So, this is soccer,’ he says, his tone intending to tease. ‘No, my love, this is football. The real stuff where there’s a round ball and people actually kick it.’

‘You strange Brits with your weirdly shaped balls.’ He sighs.

‘Here is your reward for taking your punishment like a good girl.’ – I love this line, it has so much past, present and future.

“I’m on my way home now. When I get there, I expect you to be wearing the correct uniform.” – oh yeah!

Verdict: Well written, fast paced, high on the sexy, sexy and definitely worth picking up!

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