Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Office Retreat by Ariel Brooks

A movie production company goes on a retreat aboard a cruise ship. The office girls have other plans for the office retreat, and it turns into a sex retreat instead as they make their male co-workers have the time of their lives.

This is a novella that has no qualms about going straight for the sex. It’s hot and rampant and is all about rudeness and satisfaction with no holds barred. The lead characters are a bunch of nymphomaniacs which, of course, makes for a sweaty, hot read. The locations are exotic and the author’s imagination left to run riot.

Best Bits:

She reached for Julio’s fly and pulled out his already erect pecker. – love that word for cock, must use it more often!

Pierre’s hard French shaft – WOOT!

Cocktail of love juices – haven’t seen that one on a menu!

She lifted her head just in time to see Savio’s thick monster dick beginning to spurt. – love the ‘monster’ image.

Laura was an experienced dick sucker. – go girl!

He pinned her to the door as he pulled down his zipper and got out his thick love stick.

The whole under the table scene!

Verdict: A short coffee time read that will leave you squirming as the sex bursting from every page fills your mind and heats your cheeks.

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